MsSandra Thomas  (Cadeirydd), Mr Mark Evans (Is-gadeirydd), Mrs LynnHervouet, Cllr. Mr H Eifion Jones, Mr Ron Mummery, Mr Arthur Thomas


Cllr.Mr Victor Hughes, Mr Des Morgan, Dr Dyfed Roberts,

Police- Welcome - PCSO G Rowlands

The Chairthanked all the members for attending the meeting and welcomed PCSOGwyn Rowlands who had come along to provide a brief update of thepolicing situation in the area. He reported that the Police wereaware of the concerns of local residents regarding speeding driversas well as unlawful parking in Brynsiencyn.

He assuredthe Council that the Police were keeping an eye on the situation.

The LocalTeam wanted to attend next month`s meeting as they were eager todistribute contact cards to the elderly and vulnerable.

As `Clwb Cylch y Bryn` will be holding an Open Dayin the near future it was suggested that they could go along and takethe opportunity to introduce themselves to the members and distributethe cards at the same time.

Also, Mr A W Thomas intends to call at the PoliceStation in Llangefni in order to get a supply of the cards. The Clerkto contact Mr Dave Shone to confirm the arrangements with `Cylch yBryn`

Minutesof the meeting held on 27/01/2015

Accepted ascorrect

P: Mr A WThomas, S: Cyngh.H E Jones

Matters arising

Payments out

It wasaccepted that the Clerk had paid the following bill:

£61.38 - M E Jones (Office Expenses)


It wasagreed to pay the following bills:

£63.00 - J D Roberts, CPFA, Internal Audit2013/2014  

£300 - Mr M Evans, Litter picking in thePlaying Field 2014 / 2015

£131 - Membership fee,  Un Llais Cymru for2015

P: Mr A W Thomas, S: Mr H E Jones

Community Council - balance in bank onFebruary 24th, 2015

`Community` Account:  =    £3,777.37

`BMM` Account:             =   £4,769.44

Y Ganolfan - Lease/ Management / EstablishCIO /

Establish `CIO`

The new Constitution was signed by the ManagingCommittee and the documents will be returned to the CharityCommission for confirmation

Playing Field - Maintenance - Loose tiles /Quotes

Mr Evans reported that he had discussed the matterwith G L Jones Playgrounds

He was asked to provide a quote and send it to theChairman and Clerk before the next meeting

Council website

TheChairman will contact Mr Roberts to request an update

Rubble dumped at the Playing Field

It appears that more rubble has been dumped at thesame spot. Following a dicussion  

Mr Evans was asked to provide a quote for clearingthe rubble and the untidy growth from around the perimeter of thefield.

Papur Menai

It was agreed to contribute £50 to PapurMenai. P:Mr H E Jones  S: Mr A W Thomas

Annual contributions for February 2015

It was agreed to contribute £25 each to the following:

  1. CHICS

  2. BOPATH Cymru

  3. Macmillan Cancer Care

  4. Ty Gobaith

P: Mr M Evans  S: Mr R Mummery

ACC - Planning Dept.

Application No 37C163A - Full application forthe erection of a dwelling together with the construction of avehicular access on land adjacent, Aur y Wawr, Brynsiencyn

Following a discussion it was decided to supportthe application. P: Mr H E Jones,

S: Mr M Evans

Application No: 37C194 - Full application foralterations and extensions at Penbryn Coch

Following a discussion it was decided to supportthe application. P: Mr R T Mummery, S: Mr H E Jones

Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local DevelopmentPlan 2011-2016

Copy of Written Statement

The Plan for Brynsiencyn

It was noted that Mr A W Thomas declared aninterest.

The field to the SW of Ty`n Bryn estate has beenincluded in the plan for potential housing development during thenext 15 years and the Council has reservations about the suitabilityof the site. It was agreed that the Clerk should forward theCouncil`s following comments to the Joint Planning Policy Unit:

There is no suitable infrastructure in place todeal with the extra pressure on the sewage system or the increase intraffic.

i).  The sewage system that serves the area atpresent cannot cope on some occassions

ii). Entry to the site is poor as it means thatbuilding traffic and residents will have to drive through Tre Fenai,Bryn Eithin, Bryn Glas, Bryn Tawel to get there.

As a way forward the Council would like to see theabove field left out of the development area and replaced by thefield located alongside the A4080 between Plas Siencyn and Ty`n Cwrtfarm as there has been planning permission for a housing developmentgranted on this site for a number of years but not much progress.

It is understood that the areas of the two fieldsin question are fairly similar, and including this field wouldtherefore satisfy the demand for the same number of houses over thenext 15 years

Brynsiencyn Public Toilets

Cllr H E Jones reported that the County Councilwill most probably sell off the site with a proviso that one toiletunit be kept for the use of the general public

Letters - Anglesey County Council StandardsCommittee

Two persons are required to represent Town /Community Councils for four years

When the present term comes to an end on December17th, 2015.

No names were put forward

Playing Field Maintenance - Invitation toTender

Litter picking from March 1st,2015- February 28th, 2016

Grass Cutting - The whole area of the fieldMarch1st, 2015 - October 31st, 2015

It was noted that Mr M Evans declared an interestand left the meeting

One tender was received

Following a discussion the price of £1,250by Mr Evans was accepted

Y Ganolfan

Balance in the bank on February 24th,2015

`Community` Account    £1,800.00(estimated)

`BMM` Account                £113.10 

Leaking Roof

`GJ Roofing` will proceed with the work assoon as there`s an improvement in the  weather and the temperaturerises as the glue that is used to repair the roof  requires a certainminimum temperature to guarantee success.


Another person has recently been appointed ascleaner at YGanolfan

Jacquiline Pittaway - Tree Planting

A cheque for £200 (Grant from CynefinGroup) was received from Mrs Pittaway

This has been paid into the Council`s account andwill be used by Mrs Pittaway to purchase trees and other plants.

Mrs Pittaway informed the Council that she hadworked with the children from the school to plant 30 trees there.

Her next project involves planting larger treesand she wanted to know where this could be done. The Clerk to inviteher to the next meeting to discuss the matter.

Correspondence received as information only

The full list of correspondence received isrecorded in the meeting`s agenda

Any Other Urgent Matters (With the Chair`sPermission)

Dog Fouling - Bin?

It was reported that dog fouling is an increasingproblem in Brynsiencyn.

The main concern is that irresponsible ownersallow their animals to foul the path in the playing field, thusputting the health of children at risk.

The Clerk to inform the Environmental and WasteManagement Dept and request that a bin be placed near the entrance tothe playing field, also to enquire what can be done about the problemin other parts of the village.

P: Mr M Evans   S: Mrs L Hervouet

Between Lon Merllyn and Lon Uchaf - FlyTipping

The Clerk to inform the relevant department.

P: Mrs L Hervouet.   S: Mr H E Jones

Highways Dept

Ffordd Barras - `Ysgol / School` sign` 

It was reported that a branch of a tree growing infront of the sign is likely to obliterate the sign during the growingseason (as happened last summer).

In the interest of safety the Clerk to ask theCouncil to persuade the landowner to cut down the offending branch.

A4080 - Brown Tourist Sign -damaged 

The Clerk to inform the department that the brownsign on the left hand side of the A4080 as one approaches Y GroeslonHotel from the direction of Llanfairpwll has been damaged.